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01.july 2011 there were 1578 inhabitants in Bindal, the southern most local authority in the county of Nordland, that borders on the county of Nord- Trøndelag in the south. The size of Municipality of Bindal is 1264 square kilometers.


Bindal has a coastal climate. The winters are very mild because of the Gulf Stream. This means that spring comes early. May is the month that has the least rain, while October has three times more. The strength of the wind varies with the season.

The local topography affects the climate. In the inland parts of the municipality the winters are colder and the summers are warmer.

Weather forecast for Bindal


Industry and commerce

The industry and the commerce are mainly based upon the primary industries, where forestry and farming from the old days have been central industries in the municipality. Untill 2013 the door factory “Trenor Dører AS” was the biggest single employer.



Further fish farming has to a big extent replaced traditional fishing.

In the future we see that there is a big potential in evolving the tourist industry in Bindal, and there are also good possibilities for establishing a permanent gold-mining industry.


Municipality of Bindal

The town hall of the municipality of Bindal is situated in Terråk.



Emergency phone numbers

· Fire, accidents and serious pollution: Tel 110
· Police - immediate assistance: Tel 112
- Ambulance and Medical assistance: Tel 113
· Medical treatment Tel +47 75 03 25 60
· Emergency telephone for reporting injured wild animals: Tel 112
· Municipal services

The service office is located at the reception in the Town Hall. Tel +47 75 03 25 00

Contact us


Municipality of Bindal, Oldervikveien, N-7980 Terråk

E-mail: postmottak@bindal.kommune.no

Telephone: + 47 75 03 25 00

Webside: www.bindal.kommune.no



Some other websides (Tourist)

Visit Helgeland (Bindal)

Kystriksveien travel guide (Bindal)

Tourist information (in norwegian language)






Daily connection by bus to Brønnøysund (to the north) and to Grong and Namsos (to the south). (TTS, route information)



The nearest airport: Rørvik 80 km (The service is run by Widerøe.)

Brønnøysund airport (Brønnøysund): 100 km (The service is run by Widerøe)



Nearest train station: Grong 100 km (The service is run by NSB)


The Coastal Express (Hurtigruten)
Rørvik and Brønnøysund are port of call for The Coastal Express on a daily basis with both northbound and southbound connections.


Express boat
Torghatten Transportation Company, TTS, operates express boat inside of Bindal.


Torghatten Transportation Company, TTS, operates ferries outside of Bindal, that you can use on your way further north in Helgeland county.


Nearby small towns

Kolvereid: 56 km, Rørvik: 78 km, Brønnøysund 100 km, Namsos: 127 km,

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